Working & Breastfeeding

Companies successful at retaining valued employees after childbirth find that two components can make the difference: providing dedicated space (as small as 4’ x 5’) for breastfeeding employees to express milk in privacy, and providing worksite lactation support.  Since these are now required, get the most benefit in supporting your breastfeeding employees.

Workplace Law for Breastfeeding Women

The payoff is significant: more satisfied, loyal employees and cost savings to the business. These savings are seen in such areas as:

  • Retention of experienced employees;
  • Reduction in sick time taken by both moms and dads for children’s illnesses; and
  • Lower health care and insurance costs.

The Business Case for Breastfeeding can help you create a breastfeeding-friendly worksite and achieve an enviable  return on your investment, and best of all it’s free!

Supporting breastfeeding makes sense!

Employees who are expecting a baby and will be returning to work can click on the link on how to prepare for working and breastfeeding.

Moms at Appleton City Hall have private place to pump breast milk.

For more information on setting up a Worksite Lactation Support Program please contact BFANWI!

Employer Lactation Support Program Trainings

The BFANWI would be happy to provide trainings to Employers regarding establishing a Lactation Support Program in businesses.

The Breastfeeding Alliance utilizes the principles of the Business Case for Breastfeeding in providing training to employers regarding establishing a Lactation Support Program in businesses.  In the summer of 2012 our Alliance was fortunate to have an AHEC Intern, Ellie Krueger, devote her time in working with local businesses and employees.  The following Prezi Presentation was developed as a result.

Business Case For Breastfeeding Presentation