Working & Breastfeeding

One of the most common times women tend to stop breastfeeding is around the time they return to work. To help eliminate this, women need support in the workplace.

The payoff is significant: more satisfied, loyal employees and cost savings to the business. These savings are seen in such areas as:

  • Retention of experienced employees
  • Reduction in sick time taken by both moms and dads for children’s illnesses
  • Lower health care and insurance costs

A workplace can support a mom by

  • Allowing sufficient break time to pump
  • Providing a private space (not a bathroom)
  • Establishing a policy
  • Creating a supportive environment

Helpful Links:

For more information or to become designated as a breastfeeding friendly business contact BFAN. You can also watch our presentation.

Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses

  • City of Appleton
    • Appleton Public Library
    • City of Appleton (all departments)
    • Woodward Radio Group
  • Green Lake County
    • Princeton School District
    • Markesan Resident Home
  • Outagamie County
    • Outagamie County (all departments)
  • Winnebago County
    • Aurora Medical Center Oshkosh
    • Miron Construction
    • Winnebago County